Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention (FCDP)

The Foundation for Chronic Disease Prevention (FCDP) was established to help reduce the prevalence of heart disease, Type II diabetes and other chronic lifestyle related diseases through research, education and health promotion activities. Based on the rising rate of these illnesses, society is faced with an enormous health and financial burden. As part of a solution to this looming crisis, FCDP conducts vital evidence-based research into chronic disease prevention, with a particular focus on prevention within the workplace.

FCDP is the research arm of Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) - a low impact, pedometer-based, workplace intervention program that encourages increased activity. FCDP was established to work in partnership with universities to provide relevant bodies (governments and businesses) with proven outcomes on the use of evidence based prevention strategies in the workplace.

FCDP works in partnership with some of the world's foremost independent research institutes in this area, including: Lancaster University – UK (Centre for Organisational Health and Wellbeing) and Monash University – Australia (Department of Epidemiology and Preventative Medicine).

Together we provide cutting edge, independent, evidence based research in workplace interventions that encourage a more active lifestyle that assists in reversing the chronic disease epidemic.

Our mission is twofold.

  • To work collaboratively with businesses and universities to create a body of evidence that enables a greater understanding of the health and productivity issues at hand
  • Deliver cutting edge, independent, evidence-based research that empower governments, employers, and employees to take responsibility for improvements in health and wellbeing, to stem the growth of chronic disease

Key Objectives

The FCDP body of evidence based-research will:

  • provide governments and employers with a greater understanding of the issues facing the community and the workplace due to an ageing workforce and more sedentary and stressful work environment;
  • increase governments and employer understanding of the benefits that engaging in evidence-based workplace interventions provide, through improved employee health and wellbeing;
  • empower governments and employers to make informed decisions regarding intervention strategies that provide continuous, sustainable improvements in;
    i) health and wellbeing of employees that stems the growth of chronic disease, and
    ii) productivity;
  • empower individuals to take ownership for their own health and maintain a lifestyle that sustains this


FCDP is the research arm of the Global Corporate Challenge® (GCC). Financial support for research is drawn from a variety of private companies, government bodies and universities, primarily in the form of research grants, as well as proceeds from the GCC.


The values that guide FCDP are Innovation, Integrity, Collaboration and Commitment

Innovation: We foster an environment, both internally and externally with our business partners, that continually looks for new and creative ideas to deliver on our research objectives.

Integrity: In all of our relationships with colleagues and professional partners, we conduct ourselves in an open, honest and truthful manner.

Collaboration: We recognise that the collective thoughts and ideas of our employees, colleagues and professional partners are more powerful than any single mind so we seek collective thought at every opportunity.

Commitment: The results of all our endeavours will ultimately bring benefit to the health and wellbeing of individuals, businesses and the communities in which they live and work. This is our commitment.